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£50k donation for Lung Function Machine

We purchased an additional machine for the Respiratory Diagnostic team at QMH. Charles Shiplee our Chairman met the team and heard how the equipment is improving efficiency. Thanks to the Community Diagnostic Team for collaborating on this bid.

The equipment enables complete pulmonary function testing and can be expanded to do cardiopulmonary stress testing. Its purchase allows the service team to increase service capacity and capability by being able to:

  • see more patients

  • reduce patient waiting time for diagnostics

  • reduce the time for potential treatment plans

  • run a cancer dedicated clinic once a week

These benefits allow the service to improve patient care and experience and at QMH and increase the capacity of what the clinic can deliver. The additional capacity created by utilising both the new sleep diagnostic kits and the new Lung Function Machine will equate to

  • Sleep diagnostic - total of 700 tests per year (over a 52-week period)

  • PFT/Lung Function - 1500 tests per year (over a 52-week period)


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